one year

These photographs represent more or less one year in the life of the three people to whom I am closest: my children Beatrice and Ambrose and my brother Danny. My parents Larry and Rose Nichols are here too, as well as the kids' mama Lily Knights. 

When selecting these pictures I looked for two things: a person or persons in motion and emotional content, allowing the quiet internal drama of facial expression and body language to imply narrative. The moments I'm looking for are not the occasional crises, but the many moments surrounding them in all their emotional complexity. It’s not the flame I seek to capture, but the ember and the wind with which it’s stoked.

Childhood is a time of great mystery and wonder. It is a time of joyous peaks and deep sorrows, a time of exploration and discovery, and it is a time of gain and a time of loss. My daughter Beatrice is on the Autism spectrum, highly functioning. She and her brother Ambrose are close in age, 18 months apart. Their continued growth is fascinating to me.

In 1990 my older brother Danny was injured in a car accident that left him permanently and totally disabled. He suffered a traumatic brain injury which caused him numerous physical impairments, but somehow his character remained intact. His speech and mobility are affected, as well as his short-term memory, and yet his humor is as irreverent as ever. His demeanor is sociable, likable, exuberant. But as would be expected for someone in his condition, he also suffers deep loneliness. From January 2013 to December 2017 I was his full-time attendant caretaker. 

In the future I aim to broaden my subject matter to include other people and places, but for a time, at least, I'm going to stick to picturing the ones I love the most.