Let this be a prayer for mercy.

For though we do not deserve it, that mercy is only yours to give.

You visited us and left empty-handed again and again.

We ask that you stay away until you mean it.



The air was thick as donut glaze;
     It was about to rain.
The sky was nothing but a haze
     The grasses stood to gain.

Hot and dewy nights like these
     Are few and far between
Somewhere less friendly to fleas,
     Somewhere a bit less green.


Last week

Summer is soon gone -

sky is now clear of fireflies -

how still the water.

(Possible) future archaeologists discover mysterious, ancient technology...

(Possible) future archaeologists discover mysterious, ancient technology...

Summer vacation is almost gone, and with its end comes the end of Beatrice's and Ambrose's annual summer residency with me in Greenville. With school starting back, they will return to staying with their mama throughout the week and visiting me every other weekend. This house will hardly be a home at all with them not here; it will be filled to the rafters with their absence. 

In other news from the frontiers of loneliness, I set my facebook account for deletion. There is no logical reason for me to have one, as its continued use only serves to cause me anxiety. I still need to use social media for work, so I made another account for that purpose. I won't be accepting any friend requests. 

I'm also trying to lessen my internet usage overall, limiting myself to mostly work purposes. Without facebook, I find that I'm sitting in front a screen less, and that's a good thing. More often do I pick up a guitar, crack a book, set pen to paper, or make a piece of art. 

It's a sobering period, a period of arrangement, of ritualized règlement, of settling into what I see as productive habits. I've got a huge stack of books to read, art to make, music to write, and performances for which to prepare.