It's Him! Dim Jim - and more

About this time last year I spent a week recording this set of tunes. It’s something of a swan song, I guess, as I have no plans to record anything like this or to play in a band ever again.

As a document of the state of one person’s soul in a particular time and place, this set of songs reveals the fury and abandon of a man who is on the cusp of rising, phoenix-like, from the ashes of his self-immolated life into a new one. It is simultaneously my most abrasive and lyrically revealing work, and it hammers nails into coffins which it then sets ablaze, only to piss on them and put them back out again. It’s reckless and restless and libidinous and it just can’t remember where all the fucks it once had to give were put down.

There is also the sense that in spite of the dire circumstances the world finds itself in, there may always be found some hope somewhere that things can turn around, even if only (like these songs and the author’s life) through sheer force of will. Oh, and then there’re a few childrens’ songs to round things out.

Anyway, it seemed a propos to share this thing again seeing as this year’s almost through and it has some of my best lyrics ever, including such personal revelations as:

I am a trailer park Midas 
All I touch turns to shit 
No one would deny this: 
Lovin me is the pits 

(from “I Ruin Everything”)


I crave the feeling of rejection, 
the flip-side of love’s selection, 
a broken connection, a failed inspection, 
a landslide loss in my next election. 

(from “Next X”)

released December 31, 2017 

JAMES WESLEY NICHOLS - lead and background vocals, Jazzmaster & other guitars, Casiotone & other keyboards, drums, drum machine, percussion, effects, sequencing, ukulele. 

All songs written, performed, recorded, and mixed 
by James Wesley Nichols (ASCAP) 2017 

Recorded and mixed December 17-23, 2017 

Artwork by James Wesley Nichols

© 2017 James Wesley Nichols all rights reserved

And since New Year’s Eve is almost here again, there’s also this old thing: