An Array


These are representatives of various directions. I guess if anything, I'm messing around with determinacy, orbital eccentricity, synthesis, consonance and dissonance, and above all, interaction.

1. "Interference" drama

Performer A attempts to play an instrument and/or sing a determined musical program. Performer B attempts to inhibit and/or prevent them with an indeterminate method.

Duration: 10 minutes

Cast: two actors, one with the necessary musical competency.

2. "Solar Orbits" chamber music

Each member of a string quintet (bass, cello, two violas, violin) represents a body in orbit around a star by performing a separate, determined, tonally fluctuating drone or ostinato figure.

Bass, with its deep tonal gravity, is the star, whose slow orbit around the galactic center is represented by gradual microtonal fluctuation. Each body in orbit around the star has a smaller, more eccentric orbit, with fluctuation in pitch occurring with higher frequency and greater range. Cello is a gas giant star, violas are large rocky planets, and the violin is a comet, with a long, eccentric orbit that sounds something like a digital flange effect with the wave length at maximum.

May be performed using a synthesized string patch, pitch wheel, and looping. 

3. "Critical Bandwidth" literary manifestos

A series of satirical, mock-proto-fascist, dissonant, dissident literary manifestos on various aspects of poetry, fiction, photography, cinema, painting, and music. Each piece will be a polemical invective and list of commandments whose language is based on linguistic and material fallacies such as emotive language, argumentum ad baculum, and post hoc.

4. "Syncretic Mass" experimental rock music

An extended rock program based on a set-theory approach to composition, using the following sets as building blocks:

Organ or synthesizer drones on the pitch A, modal and blues scales, quasi-byzantine chant, vocal canon forms, ostinato guitar and bass figures, improvised guitar noise, abridged text from the Roman Rite, song lyrics, and a motorik drum beat.

Each set is a limited palette of sounds, and the entire program is to be constructed using loops, with live vocals and instruments recorded over the motorik beat and drone.

This piece is Part 3 of Ongoing Space, a series of albums that allude to outer space in some way or another. The theme is isolation and loneliness, and the piece functions as a meditation and prayer on that theme.

Duration: 30-35 minutes

5. "Harmonics: A Treatise on Interaction" thesis or dissertation

(This is merely a proposal at this point, as my learning is sufficient for nothing more than bold hypotheses. Studies in cosmology, music theory, and mathematics, as well as mentorship (if possible) may precipitate abandonment or further development of the complete system, which exists in scattered outline form only at present. I'll keep reading and working on it, and if its existence is necessary, I will proceed to completion. There will be axioms, conjectures, and arguments.)

Various states of harmony are observable in the universe, some consonant, some dissonant. All interaction may be considered harmonically, from the calm (planets orbiting stars) to the violent (galaxies colliding).

A body in harmony with itself and its environment responds to stimuli appropriately. In harmony, regular activity flows uninterrupted according to the body's nature. The same laws that govern the motions of the galaxies, of the stars and of the planets are applicable at any cosmic scale

On the microcosmic scale of humanity, all interactions may also be considered harmonically. To actively participate in the ongoing harmony of the cosmos, one must be in tune with oneself. Become a musical tone, a multitude of partial harmonics balanced for clarity and support of the fundamental, or that which is unchanging.