James Wesley Nichols


A Capella Folk Songs

8 Strawberry Drive is the home of many of my most painful memories. After I moved out late last year, I recorded a bunch of a capella songs there, as the reverberant emptiness of the house perfectly captured the sound of my lonesomeness. Here are three of my favorites.

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Seems like the older I get, the dumber I get. It's to be expected, since I drink 10 bottles of red wine every night and I smoke 10 packs of cigarettes every night, too. To commemorate the inevitable loss of brain function, I wrote this quick little surf instrumental and recorded it at Black Sneaker Souls recording studio a few weeks ago. Cowabunga, motherfuckers!

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A Very Professional New Year

Yes, 2017 will be another year of creating anything I damn well please with utter disregard for trifles like taste or trends or "cool factors" or other such nonsense. 2017 will be another year of raking in the big bucks!

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