James Wesley Nichols



Stitching together genres with threads of straight ahead garage rock and pastoral psyche, from experimental noise to collage-based, album-length pieces, as well as folk and country arrangements, my songs and other audio projects are broad-ranging, but unified by black humor, pop-art sensibilities, recklessly explorative rule-breaking, and deep feeling.

Story songs arranged for rock 'n' roll band:

Complex compositional and arranging techniques and sequencing, synthesizers:

Cathartic, solo acoustic music:

Droning, one-chord songs:


Experimental/Psychedelic Pop songs:

A compilation/overview of some of my many bands and recording projects:

Various bands and projects I have directed or made single-handedly:

Photo by Lisa Stubbs

Photo by Lisa Stubbs

Jim and The Limbs

Rock 'n' Roll band with noisy rave-up story songs about transcendent losers. Loud, guitar-based music.

Sensory Complex

Experimental, noise, and multi-media installation projects and home recordings.

Johnny Hand and The Hots

Leather in any weather, gender-bent, alter-egotistical hedonism in all its scummy glory.

The Old Black River

Welcome to LOCUSTVILLE, where all the women are witches, all the men are bullies, and all the children are ugly.

Sun Sweet Sun

Psychedelic freak-outs, cosmic campfire sing-alongs, and musique concrète cut and pasted into large collage arrangements.

Music Videos


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