James Wesley Nichols



About James:

JAMES WESLEY NICHOLS was born in Houston, Texas. Since earning his degree in Modern Language from the College of Charleston, SC, he has worked a variety of jobs: Spanish translator, journalist and editor for an alternative weekly newspaper, stock-man, house painter, factory worker, tax preparer, delivery boy, assistant caretaker for a disabled brother, all the while feverishly making pictures, videos, songs, essays, stories and poetry........

Aesthetically, James' favorite things harmonize or unify extreme contrasts. His style in whatever medium attempts the same, as the grime and grit of 1970s NYC Punk and the stark solar geometry of Bauhaus and De Stijl have affected his design, music, and fashion choices above all else. He loves getting his hands dirty in all sorts of things, from poster and periodical design to photography and music video making. 

Stuff James CAN DO for you:

  • Graphic Design: logos, brochures, catalogs, books, periodicals, posters, advertising, packaging, typography, etc. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign CC 2017.
  • Photography:  recording artists and lifestyle. Retouching & restoration.
  • Copywriting: anything from advertising copy to fiction.
  • Video: filming & editing
  • Songwriting, film scoring.
  • Audio Engineering/Music Productionanalog and digital recording, mixing, microphones, instruments, effects, and so on.
  • Content management and web design: Squarespace, WordPress, Blogger.
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop, lllustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Dream Weaver. Audacity, Garageband. Font Forge.